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Private Charter Aircraft - Our Private Jets Fleet - Classification

Only Private Jets gives you access to the most modern fleet of aircraft available today. Our travel specialists will help you determine the right jet for your needs.


Light jets are the entry level into the jet aircraft range and feature pressurized cabins which can fly at higher altitudes than their prop counterparts. They are the ideal choice for short to mid-range city hops. With average cruising speeds of 450 miles an hour and an average nonstop range of 1,500 miles. Light jets can travel further and faster than turboprop aircraft, whilst maintaining high levels of efficiency. They have a capacity to hold 5-8 passengers.
MODELS: Cessna Citation CJ1 | BEECHCRAFT PREMIER 1 | Hawker 400XP | Citation Bravo | Learjet 45 | Learjet 31A


The most versatile of the fleet. With the comfort of the larger aircrafts and agility of smaller models, the medium jet ofers a best-in-class experience. Capacity to hold 7-9 passengers, average cruising speed of 510-590 mph and average nonstop range of 2,100 miles.
MODELS: Cessna Citation X/Sovereign | Gulfstream G200 | Lear Jet 60 | Falcon 20


With impressive cruising speed and cabin space, large (sometimes called heavy jets) embody optimum performance. The largest size aircraft that doesn't require a major airport runway, while still covering long distances. Capacity to hold 9-15 passengers, average cruising speed of 500-560 mph and average nonstop range of 3500 miles plus.
MODELS: Challenger 604/605/850/900 | Falcon 2000 | Gulfstream IV/V | Challenger 600 | Challenger 300


The lightest aircraft combines the use of twin propellers and a turbine engine to fly. With a conservative use of fuel, the turbo prop is the most cost-efficient aircraft for short-service flights. Ideal for short to mid-range flights. Capacity to hold 6-8 passengers, average cruising speed of 280-315 mph and average nonstop range of just over 1,000 miles.
MODELS: Cessna Caravan | King Air C90/200/350 | Piaggio Avanti | Beechcraft B1900 | Beechcraft B200


Helicopter charters are an affordable and convenient way to avoid the traffic jams and scheduled service delays, so you don't miss a thing.
Land directly at a vast number of hotels, restaurants, spas and other exceptional venues. Rapid transit to a shooting, fishing or skiing destination.
Incorporate a helicopter in your special event, whether it's the arrival of a VIP or whisking a happy couple away after their ceremony, our dedicated charter experts will tailor to your specific requirements.
MODELS: Agusta 109C | Bell Jet Ranger/Long Ranger | Eurocopter 135-175 | Bel 212 | Bell 412 | Sikorsky S-76_A | Sikorsky S-76-c+ | Sikorsky S-76-c++ | Sikorsky S-92 |



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