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welcome to only private jets

Welcome to Only Private Jets

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Only Private Jets operates the widest selection of jets from lights, mid-size, large, regional airliners and large airlines including turbo-props and helicopters taking you to any corner of the world. We hand-craft the best aircraft for you and offer maximum flexibility to every journey tailored to ensure seamless travel. Call 1 800 860 1562 and speak to our multi-lingual aviation experts or E-mail:

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Worldwide Private Jet Charters by Only Private Jets

Travel in ultimate luxury by private jet. Exploring countries by private jet is the most exciting and luxurious way of travelling. It allows you to visit more destinations, including more remote places, in a shorter period of time. Early departure times of scheduled flights will become a thing of the past; and you will never have to waste time on long connections or worry about delays and cancellations. With a private jet, you will be whisked from one amazing site to another, accessing remote destinations with ease and exploring places with minimal disruption. As a Private Jet Tour client you will enjoy the highest levels of customer service and assistance from your dedicated travel consultant, 24/7, 365 days of the year, complete with full concierge service. If arriving to your starting point in your own jet, we can also arrange customs and immigration clearance, landing fees, permits, flight plans, along with accommodation for your crew, fuel, security and catering. Contact us today for your Private Jet needs. With over 30 years of experience in providing luxury travel around the world along with private jet rental services and chartered flights from our own offices in the US, UK, Brazil, Peru and Singapore. When you book a charter flight with Only Private Jets, you are booking with a team of professionals in the private aviation industry. Our multilingual staff combine many years of experience and knowledge on all things air charter which allows us to provide a worldwide experience second to none. Our private aircraft charters to business professionals help maximise their time and efficiency enabling executives and senior management to fulfil strict schedules and often complete multiple meetings in different cities or carry out several site visits in one day. Travelling by private jet is the most comfortable, safe and secure way of flying your company’s senior business personnel. We also provide smaller airplanes for less accessible airports and help connect with your own private jets for our Forbes UHNW listed clients and CEO´s. Private jet rental can also be for leisure purposes, allowing you, your family and friends to travel in luxury, comfort and privacy. Whether it is a short trip for a weekend’s skiing, attending events such as the Monaco Yacht Show, Grand Prix or the Olympics; or a two week holiday in the Caribbean or Cote de Azur, an African Safari or visiting the Great Wall of China we will always find the most suitable private jet to make sure that you and your loved ones arrive safely and with the minimum of fuss. With access to private terminals, you avoid the hustle and bustle of busy airports and their associated queues through security. Call toll free USA / CANADA 1 800 835 1838 , UK & Worldwide +44 (0) 7448 579641 and speak to one of our account managers or email

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Machu Picchu
Turbo Props

Turbo Props
6 - 8 280-315 st.m. 1000 mph

The lightest aircraft combines the use of twin propellers and a turbine engine to fly. With a conservative use of fuel, the turbo prop is the most cost-efficient aircraft for short-service flights. Ideal for short to mid-range flights. Capacity to hold 6-8 passengers, average cruising speed of 280-315 mph and average nonstop range of just over 1,000 miles. + More

Light Jets

Light Jets
6 - 7 1665 - 2100 st.m. 410 - 534 mph

Light jets are the entry level into the jet aircraft range and feature pressurized cabins which can fly at higher altitudes than their prop counterparts. They are the ideal choice for short to mid-range city hops. With average cruising speeds of 450 miles an hour and an average nonstop range of 1,500 miles. Light jets can travel further and faster than turboprop aircraft... + More

Mid-Size Jets

Mid-Size Jets
7 - 9 510-590 st.m. 2,100 mph

The most versatile of the fleet. With the comfort of the larger aircrafts and agility of smaller models, the medium jet ofers a best-in-class experience. Capacity to hold 7-9 passengers, average cruising speed of 510-590 mph and average nonstop range of 2,100 miles. + More

Large Jets

Large Jets
9 - 15 500-560 st.m. 3500 mph

With impressive cruising speed and cabin space, large (sometimes called heavy jets) embody optimum performance. The largest size aircraft that doesn't require a major airport runway, while still covering long distances. Capacity to hold 9-15 passengers, average cruising speed of 500-560 mph and average nonstop range of 3500 miles plus. + More



Helicopter charters are an affordable and convenient way to avoid the traffic jams and scheduled service delays, so you don't miss a thing. Land directly at a vast number of hotels, restaurants, spas and other exceptional venues. Rapid transit to a shooting, fishing or skiing destination. incorporate a helicopter... + More

Regional Airliner

Regional Airliner

Regional Airliners are very often the most economical private jet aircraft solution on a cost per seat basis, and usually more economical for larger groups when compared with commercial airlines. They vary widely in flight range and size, seating between 15 and 180 people.... + More

Large Airliner

Large Airliner

Large airliners can also be chartered for private use eliminating the normal hassle of transporting large numbers of people through public airport terminals. + More